We believe taste trumps trends.
Anytime. Every time.

We’re from the Northwest. We love the outdoors and we love our classic beers. Call us old-school, but we brew beer to drink and enjoy, not to intimidate or impress. Trends come and go, but exceptional taste nevers goes out of style.

We use our skill, our heart, and only the best stuff to brew all of our beers. Like the finest malts from around the world, hops right out our doorstep, and pristine water from our own Cascade Mountains. Because we believe how each of our beers are made and what it’s made of matters a lot.

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Year Round Beers

Knotty Blonde Ale

A light bodied, sassy Blonde ale brewed with a kiss of Sterling hops and the finest Canadian 2-row barley. Simple, yet beautiful.

ABV: 4.4%
IBU: 18
OG: 10.5 P /FG: 2.2 P


Available on draft, 22 oz bottles and 12 oz 6-pack cans.






Hoodoo Voodoo IPA

The classic NW India Pale Ale features a chewy malt character that perfectly balances the explosion of resinous grapefruit hop flavor and aroma, courtesy of generous additions of Columbus, Centennial and Liberty hops.

ABV: 6.2% 
IBU: 82
OG: 15.2 P/  FG: 3.7 P

Available on draft, 22 oz bottles and 12 oz 6-pack cans.

FivePine Chocolate Porter

A robust Porter that features 2 pounds per barrel of the finest Belgian dark chocolate, creating a slightly roasty pint with underlying chocolate sweetness.

2016 Great American Beer Festival - Gold Medal
2018 World Beer Cup - Silver Medal

ABV: 6.2% 
IBU: 55
OG: 15.7 P/  FG: 4.2 P


Available on draft, 22 oz bottles and 12 oz 6-pack cans.

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Crowdpleaser IPA

A new wave IPA with a simple malt bill that showcases sought after hop varieties, such as Mosaic and Simcoe. Expect heavy, resinous pine and citrus flavors. It’s like a majestic citrus forest!

ABV: 7.3%
IBU: 75
OG: 17.2 P / FG: 3.8 P

Available on draft and 22 oz bottles and 6-pack cans.

Seasonal Can Series

(Cans + Draft)
Flavorful styles to pair with our changing seasons.


Eureka! Single Hop IPA

This simple malt profile of Canadian 2-row, Munich and a just a bit of Crystal malt allows the five separate hop additions of Eureka! to engulf your senses. Recently developed as an experimental hop by Hopsteiner Farms, Eureka! is complex, including resinous pine and fruity notes - which range from tropical citrus to dank stonefruit. Eureka! is truly a star as a single-hop IPA.  A great variety for the "classic hophead.” Strike gold with Eureka!                                                                                                                

ABV: 6.7% 
IBU: 60


Available on draft and 22 oz bottles January - March.

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Tres Arroyos Mexican Lager

This easy-drinking Mexican Cerveza transports you south of the border. Pilsner malt and Saaz hops create a clean, crisp and refreshing lager, while traditional flaked maize adds just a touch of sweetness. Lagered for two months, Tres Arroyos is sure to please the most discerning palate. Salud!                                                                                                            

ABV: 4.5% 
IBU: 15


Available on draft and 22 oz bottles April - June


Stonefly Session Ale

This unfiltered ale is a brewery favorite. Made with 20% rye malt and a splash of honey malt, Stonefly is a wonderfully balanced, medium-bodied beer. Featuring classic Northwest Crystal hops, plus a dry-hop addition of Strata hops. You’ll love the refreshing taste, which offers hints of spice and citrus, along with a crisp, lightly-hoppy aroma. Even the most finicky fish will be hooked!                                                              

2017 & 2018 Great American Beer Festival - Bronze Medal

ABV: 4.8%  
IBU: 24


Available on draft and 6-pack cans July - September.

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Warfighter_Single_Water No Background.png

Warfighter Pale Ale

A new TCBC brew created for life’s adventures in the great outdoors. Brewed with a touch of crystal and honey malt plus just enough dry-hopping to load up your senses, creating this refreshing and crisp pale ale. Brewed specifically to support our friends at Warfighter Outfitters - who provides Central Oregon fishing & hunting trips to Military Veterans - TCBC will donate 10% of all Warfighter sales. We encourage you to visit www.warfighteroutfitters.org to learn more and donate along with us.        

ABV: 5.0% 

IBU: 46


Available on draft and 6-pack cans October - December.

Desperado Series

Limited release, high gravity, special edition.


TenPine Chocolate Porter

We amped up our FivePine Chocolate Porter by adding double the chocolate malt and double the dark Belgian chocolate into the boil – a whopping 4.5 pounds per barrel! The result? A true dessert beer featuring a full body and intense chocolate flavor. A chocoholic’s dream!

ABV: 8.4% 

IBU: 40 


Available on draft and 22 oz bottles January - April.

Anniversary Cutout.png

Anniversary Imperial IPA

Big. Bold. Beautiful. This magnificently - hoppy, Imperial IPA embodies everything Three Creeks represents: passion, persistence and dedication in the pursuit of crafting great beers! Expect big notes of citrus, tropical fruit and piney goodness. A decade of great brewing history all rolled into one special beer. We are proud to share this special milestone with all of you. Cheers to 11 years TCBC!

ABV: 8.6

IBU: 98


Available on draft and 22 oz bottles May - August.

Frontier Cutout.png

Frontier Justice Coffee Stout

This collaboration with Sisters Coffee Roasters features 4 pounds per barrel of Sumatra dark roast coffee.  The base beer is a big imperial stout brewed with 10 different malts, along with Cascade hops.  The final beer is dominated by rich coffee aroma and flavor, while still allowing the base stout to push through.

ABV: 8.0%  

IBU: 55


Available on draft and 22 oz bottles September - December.


Special Releases

Annual Fresh Hop & Holiday Release.

Conelick’r Fresh Hop Ale

Our annual fresh hop pale features 300 lbs of wet Centennial hops from BC Farms in Woodburn, Oregon. The hops go from farm to brew kettle in 4 hours. The abundance of hop resins create a spiciness along with the classic orange rind notes of the fresh Centennial.

ABV: 5.0% 


IBU: Unknown


Available September - October.

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Rudolph's Imperial Red

The 2018 version features a complex blend of German, British, and Belgian specialty malts mixed with the choicest Northwest hops. Delivers a well balanced deep red brew with an assertive hop profile. A two hour boil creates caramel like notes that blend well with the dark malt character and piney characteristics of the American hops. Grab a glass and be filled with yuletide!

ABV: 8.5% 

                                    IBU: 57

                                            Available November - December


Rotating IPA Series

For the Serious Hop Lover.

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Eureka! Single Hop IPA

This collaboration with Hopsteiner was born during hop harvest. After smelling Hopsteiner’s newest named variety, Eureka, the unique black currant and intense pine aroma sparked the instant inspiration to create a new beer using 100% Eureka hops. Eureka Single Hop IPA features only the most premium malted barley to balance and accentuate the dark fruit and herbal notes of what’s sure to be the next big hop.

ABV: 6.8% 

IBU: 58

Available January - March

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Nasty Woman IPA

A collaboration with Sisters Homebrew Competition winner Nancy Noll based on her winning recipe. Packed with juicy Citra hops throughout the boil and dry hopped with Mosaic, Nasty Woman IPA uses a blend of Vienna and 2-row base malts along with aked wheat to restore balance. Don’t be afraid to upset the status quo, try a pint for yourself.

ABV: 7.3% 

IBU: 90

Available Apr - Jun

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Winter IPA 

Description TBD, but it will be delicious. 



Available Nov - Dec

Barrel Aged Desperado Series

This series is designed to let our brewers do what they do best... create new, unique beers using specialty ingredients and innovative techniques.

Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Frontier Justice Coffee Stout

Brewed with 10 different specialty malts and aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels for over a year, then infused with copious amounts of cold pressed Sumatra Coffee. Roasted Barley and Coffee flavors compliment spicy, sweet Rye Whiskey notes, creating a beer perfect to start your day or cap it off! 

ABV: 10.0% 


Available January - May

Bourbon Barrel-Aged TenPine Chocolate Porter

This barrel aged imperial chocolate porter features double the chocolate malt and double the Belgian chocolate of our popular FivePine Porter. The base beer was then aged in local bourbon barrels for 9 months before blending and packaging. The result? A true dessert beer with a full body and intense chocolate flavor featuring notes of vanilla and oak.

ABV: 11.0% 

IBU: 40


Available February - June



Rye-Whiskey Barrel-Aged FivePine Chocolate Porter infused with Dark Cherries

Our GABF® Gold Award Winning Porter is aged in Bourbon Barrels and infused with dark cherries. A robust Porter that features 2 lbs. per barrel of the best Belgian chocolate, creating a slightly roasty pint with underlying chocolate sweetness.The barrels add oak and vanilla notes, leaving this classic favorite even more sweet!




Available April - August



Red Wine Barrel-Aged Sisters Country Saison

Description TBD, but it will be delicious!




Available May - October

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Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Stampede Strong Ale

This Award-Winning Strong Ale was aged for a year in Rye Whiskey barrels, delivering dark, plum-like malt flavors with notes of oak, spice and vanilla! Don't get run over! 

ABV: 11% 

IBU: ?


Available October - February

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Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Rudolph's Imperial Red

We took our 2017 version of the Rudolph's Imperial Red Ale and barrel-aged it for a year. It delivers a well balanced deep red brew with an assertive hop profile, blended with rich oak flavors from the barrel. Caramel like notes blend well with the dark malt character and piney characteristics of the American hops. Grab a glass and be filled with double the yuletide!




Available December - May


10th Anniversary Throwback Series

Our 10th Anniversary Series showcases our favorites throughout the years of our existence. This July will mark 10 years since we started making great beers in the heart of Sisters, Oregon. 


8 Second IBA(CDA)

We were making India Black Ales before India Black Ales were even a style! Being the first Central Oregon brewery to brew this hoppy, malty, oxymoron of a beer, it was re-categorized as a  Cascadia Dark Ale to enter competitions, since IBAs weren't a thing. This pub favorite pours dark in color but features the generous hopping of an IPA. Munich and Crystal malt provide a solid malt backbone while Roast Barley and German Caraffa malts stain the beer dark in color. Hopped with Nugget, Centennial, Columbus and Cluster hops, 8 Second has a nice piney hop aroma while the flavor balances hints of caramel, roast and chocolate rounded out by a dry finish. The official brew of bull riding cowboys everywhere! If that was a thing.

ABV: 6.7% 

IBU: 50


Available February - March

McKay's Scottish Ale (1).png

McKay’s Scottish Ale


Our annual tribute to lovable local Don McKay. This Scottish style Ale was brewed with loads of Caramel, Munich and Scottish base malts along with a touch of Smoked Malt. A two-hour boil accentuates the rich caramel flavors while a hint of smoke inspires you to throw on your kilt, fire up the bagpipes and have a pint (or two)! 

ABV: 8.0% 

IBU: 15


Available January - Mar


Anvil Amber


Description Coming Soon




Available March - April


Old Prospector Ale


Description Coming Soon




Available April - May

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Ridge Trail Ale 


Description Coming Soon




Available May - July