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Knotty Blond Knotty Blonde -This sassy light beer is brewed in true western tradition. As light as the hair of our pistol carrying honey, this easy drinking quaffer gets its unique flavor from a touch of honey malt balanced against a teasing kiss of hops. Trust me boys, you'll go away feeling like you had the time of your life, and still wanting more!
OG: 1.039 FG: 1.008 ABV: 4.0% IBU: 18
stonefly rye Stonefly Rye - This unique brew provides a spicy, full bodied, light finishing beer that is guaranteed to please. We fixed the classic wheat beer by throwing 20% Rye malt in with 5 domestic malts and 2 NW hop varieties. Even the most finicky of fish can't turn their heads when this beer is present
OG: 1.046 FG: 1.010 ABV: 4.6% IBU: 28
Raptor Rye
Raptor Rye IPA- This rye IPA attacks your palate with a full on hop assault of Amarillo, Bravo and Centennial hops. 20% rye malt provides a spicy balance to the intense citrus notes, and finishes clean and dry.

OG:1.060 FG:1.015 ABV: 6.2% IBU: 80
Firestone Red Firestorm Red - Made in honor of the soot-blackened heroes that fight fire on our behalf, this full bodied beer is as red as the coals you'd roast smores on. 7 malts and 4 hops create a deep, smooth feel with plenty of aromatic hops to finish off this brew. This beer is big enough to stand up to the fire storm for which it is named.
OG: 1.062 FG: 1.011 ABV: 5.7% IBU: 60
Hoodoo Voodoo Hoodoo Voodoo - This big NW IPA might just put a spell on you! With a Burnt, golden-orange color, 6 malts and 4 hops varieties, this beer is enchanting. The up-front hammering of NW hops swirls around with the sweet malt body one mouthful at a time, producing a light and crisp finish with just a hint of dryness that leaves you wanting more.
OG: 1.061 FG: 1.013 ABV: 6.2% IBU: 82
FivePine Choc Porter FivePine Chocolate Porter - A robust brown Porter with seven speciality Malts, just the right amount of hops and twenty pounds of Belgian cocoa nibs give this beer a warm, roasty, toasty chocolate flavor. Malt lovers, your prayers have been answered!
OG: 1.063 FG: 1.012 ABV: 6.2% IBU: 40
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Brew Pub
Family Restaurant

Three Creeks Brewing Co.
721 Desperado Court
Sisters, OR 97759

11:30am - 9pm Sunday-Thursday
11:30am - 10pm Friday-Saturday

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Welcome to
Three Creeks

Three Creeks has been a proud member of the Sisters Community since we opened our doors in 2008. We take great pride in our preparation and quality, and utilize only the finest ingredients, sourced locally when possible, for all of our food and brewing activities.
The team at Three Creeks understands that you have numerous options that will meet your dining needs, and appreciate your patronage. We’ll be doing our best to ensure you have a great time, but if there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Wade Underwood, General Manager.

Three Creeks Brewing
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